Emergency Dentistry

Couple had their broken and cracked teeth repaired with emergency dental care in Carrollton.Get Toothache Relief With Your Emergency Dentist In Carrollton

A dental emergency is not fun. They can be painful, stressful, and are often poorly timed. Fortunately, The Carrollton Dentist is your go-to emergency dental care practice in Carrollton, Texas.

We are prepared to handle any situation and repair any kind of damage to your teeth or the teeth of a loved one. When you experience a dental emergency in Carrollton, remember to call The Carrollton Dentist right away. We’ll get to work on alleviating your pain and repairing your teeth right away to return your smile to mint condition!

Emergency Dental Services at Our Carrollton Dental Practice

When you — or someone in your family — have an accident that affects your teeth or smile, you probably consider it a fairly major problem. In most cases, we are inclined to agree — although, obviously, some dental injuries are worse than others.

Regardless of the severity of the injury, we will make it right. The emergency dental services available in our Carrollton practice include:

Kid from The Colony riding his scooter about to experience a dental emergency.Symptoms That Could Require Emergency Dental Care

  • Pain in one tooth or several teeth.
  • Recurring toothache or jaw pain.
  • Broken, chipped, or knocked-out teeth.
  • Loose or lost permanent teeth.
  • Loose crowns.
  • Lost or loose fillings.
  • Temperature sensitivity in your teeth.
  • Bleeding, swollen, or inflamed gums.
  • Swelling in the face or neck.
  • Pain with biting or opening and closing your mouth.

How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

  • Toothaches — Floss to remove any food particles from your teeth. Rinse your mouth with warm water. Use a cold compress when there is swelling. Visit the dentist as soon as you can.
  • Chipped Tooth — Save all the pieces of the tooth that you can find. Rinse your mouth and the tooth fragments with warm water. Apply a cold compress. Visit the dentist as soon as possible.
  • Lost Tooth — Find the tooth if you can. Avoid touching the roots of the tooth. Rinse the root in warm water if it’s dirty. Put the tooth back in place if you can, but don’t try to force it. If you can’t put it back, put it in milk or salt water. See the dentist within an hour for the best chance of saving the tooth.
  • Trauma to Surrounding Tissue — Rinse your mouth and use gauze to stop any bleeding. Use a cold compress for pain. See your dentist as soon as you can, unless the injury is severe enough to require medical care from a physician.

A toothache can be a sign of a larger dental emergency.

The Carrollton Dentist: Your Resource for Oral and Whole-Body Health

Believe it or not, your oral and dental health plays an important role in your overall health and well being. It’s important not to take your bi-annual trips to the dentist lightly or consider your oral and dental health to be less important than health in other areas.

It’s also important for you to deal with any dental emergencies immediately — especially when you have lost or broken any teeth.

We think that our patients’ health and happiness are very important and that what we do has an effect on our patients’ lives. At our Carrollton dental practice, we provide information regarding oral care and its interconnected effects on the health of your organ systems and overall well-being.

Get Emergency Dental Care Now – Call The Carrollton Dentist!

We take our responsibility to educate our Carrollton, Texas patients and promote good oral hygiene practices very seriously, so call now!

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