Denture Implants and More in Carrollton

Do you have missing teeth and would like to get a complete smile again? We offer several denture options.

We care about your smile and want you to have the healthiest and most attractive smile possible. Here at The Carrollton Dentist, we offer several denture options, and we think we can find one that’s right for you!

What Are the Benefits of Dentures?

Aside from the obvious improvements to your self-esteem, dentures have numerous oral health benefits. A missing tooth can cause the remaining teeth to shift out of place, causing crooked teeth or pockets that are difficult to clean. This can create an environment where tooth decay or gum disease are more likely to occur. Furthermore, if several teeth are missing your face loses “support”, resulting in a premature aging or “sagging” effect. Dentures provide the stability to support your mouth and face and help ensure greater oral health.

Denture Options We Offer:

We can give you all the information about these denture options, so you can make an informed decision. Our denture options include:

Older couple sporting brand new implant supported dentures.

  • Traditional Dentures | These dentures are worn when you have few to no teeth. These dentures are created by having the dentist make a mold of your teeth and then sending the information to a lab that makes a custom denture apparatus for you. Dentures look like natural teeth and are adhered to your gums with adhesive. Though these dentures have been around a long time, they are still a viable option for many patients.
  • Partial Dentures | Traditional dentures are complete dentures that are used when you have no teeth, and a partial denture for when you have some teeth missing. The partial denture apparatus is connected like a retainer (something like a dental bridge) and attaches to dental crowns on each side. This is great for patients who still have some healthy teeth remaining.
  • Implant supported dentures | Dentures that are attached to dental implants are very secure. These implant supported dentures are connected permanently to the dental implants, so they look very natural. The implant supported dentures are color-matched and shaped to look just like your original teeth. Implant supported dentures are also comfortable and feel like natural teeth. Implant supported dentures also function like natural teeth, so you can eat and smile like you always could.
  • The All-on-4® Treatment Concept | This is a revolutionary dentistry treatment. It’s also known as Dental Implants in a Day. Why? Because the implants are placed one day and the dentures the very next day! You can get a full set of teeth in a 24 hour period! This All-on-4® treatment concept may sound unbelievable or even impossible, but it really can restore your smile in one day!

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If you need more information about dentures, implant supported dentures, or the All-on-4® treatment concept, call today! We want to partner with you to give you back your smile!

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