Carrollton Endodontics

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root canals in Carrollton

How do you know if you need a root canal? See your The Carrollton Dentist dental professional immediately if you experience tenderness or pain, hot or cold sensitivity, tooth discoloration, tooth injury, gum swelling, gum pain, or lymph node tenderness or drainage. However, for some Dallas endodontic patients, there are no symptoms. That is why it is crucial to visit your local Carrollton endodontic dentist regularly for a thorough Carrollton dental examination.

The The Carrollton Dentist Guide To Dental X-Rays

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See If You Need A Root Canal In Farmers Branch With An Xray

Don’t know a periapical from a bitewing? Today’s Carrollton dental blog takes a look at dental x-rays. Panoramic If you have ever stood in a huge camera apparatus and struggled to stay motionless while an automated camera made one slow pass around your head, then you have had a panoramic x-ray taken of your mouth.…