Top Reasons To Visit Your Carrollton Dentist

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Visit Your Carrollton Dentist

Top Ten Reasons To Visit Your Local Carrollton Dentist: Check Up; it’s time, and this is the best way to avoid dental problems. Clean Up; our dental hygienist is ready to give you a super clean smile. Brush Up; if it has been a while since your last dental visit, it’s probably time to come…

Tooth Restoration in Carrollton

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Tooth Restoration With Carrollton Cosmetic Dentistry

At The Carrollton Dentist, we use a variety of techniques to restore damaged teeth. Most family dental clients are familiar with fillings. Traditional dental fillings are also called ‘direct restorations’ because they are applied to the tooth, shaped and polished in one visit. Another type of filling is called an ‘indirect restorations’ and is fabricated…

Tooth-Colored Fillings in Carrollton

Dental Fillings Carrollton

Hello! Welcome to the The Carrollton Dentist blog. If this your first visit, we hope you find useful information about our Carrollton cosmetic dentistry practice. If you have read some of our previous articles, we are glad you checked back with us. We post new articles regularly. My name is Dr. Melissa Rodriguez, DMD. I…