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Dental sealants are an effective way to protect your teeth, and your children’s teeth, from tooth decay. They are a standard part of the family dentistry practiced by The Carrollton Dentist.

If you aren’t familiar with dental sealants, here are some basics:

Q. What are dental sealants?
A. Dental sealants are permanent plastic barriers applied to the biting surfaces of teeth. They prevent cavities by filling in the grooves and fissures where food particles are particularly difficult to remove.

A. Do sealants reduce tooth decay?
Q. Yes. Studies show that dental sealants can curtail the risk of decay by as much as 70%!

Q. How are dental sealants applied?
A. We apply sealant resin as a liquid, which quickly hardens and adheres tightly to the pits and grooves. The procedure is quick, straightforward and painless.

Q. Which teeth can benefit from them?
A. Sealants are most commonly applied to the first and second molars because they are at the highest risk for decay.

Q. When should they be applied?
A. The best time is early – while the teeth are cavity-free.

Q. Are sealants just for kids?
A. No, they can help prevent cavities in adult teeth, too.

Q. Is brushing and flossing still necessary for the teeth with sealants?
A. Absolutely. Vigilant oral hygiene is still vital to keep teeth and gums healthy.

The Carrollton Dentist provides general and family dentistry to patients of all ages, and dental sealants are a common procedure. We also provide cosmetic dentistry. Schedule an appointment today.

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