Don’t Like Dental Visits? Go Anyway.

Helping Carrollton Love Dental Visits

It’s no secret that many Carrollton residents dread going to the dentist. Whether they associate dental visits with shame, pain or financial drain, they avoid it at all costs.

See Your Dentist Regularly to Avoid Painful Oral Problems

However, examine the fact that by seeing your dentist regularly, you can avoid dental procedures like fillings and root canals.

Though it sounds backward, the truth is that you prevent dental pain by seeing your dentist regularly–even if you hate dental visits.

Oral Health Improves Your Quality of Life

In today’s message, let’s focus on the big picture. We want to make the case that twice-yearly dental visits and following your dentist’s counsel is essential for a high quality of life.

If you have naturally healthy teeth, you may not value your amazing good fortune. After all, you can eat whatever you want. You aren’t uncomfortable with stained, chipped, or missing teeth. Tooth pain doesn’t interrupt your sleep.

Lucky individuals with great teeth may do fine with limited dental treatment in their twenties and thirties. What we’ve observed, though, is that eventually avoiding exams and cleanings catches up with you.

Do You Have Risk Factors for Oral Problems?

This is especially true for individuals with dental risk factors. These include smoking, recreational drug use, extensive alcohol consumption, inadequate oral hygiene, teeth grinding, poor eating habits or crooked teeth. Notice that some of these things are a conscious choice, and others, like crooked teeth or teeth grinding may be unavoidable. Regardless, most men and women who forego dental exams and cleanings eventually experience oral ailments.

Gum Disease is The #1 Cause of Tooth Loss in U.S. Adults

The first thing that may come to your mind is cavities. While this is an issue for some middle-aged men and women, it’s actually not the most common dental ailment. Gum disease earns the dubious honor as the top cause of tooth loss in U.S. adults.

We Welcome Nervous Dental Patients

If you have neglected your dental needs, we invite you to make an appointment at The Carrollton Dentist. After all, we specialize in making the dental treatment comfortable for nervous patients or those who are self-conscious about the status of their oral health. If you are looking for compassionate dental care, The Carrollton Dentist is here for you. Oral conscious sedation if perfectly safe and there are several levels of sedation, so you don’t have to be out cold if you don’t want to be.

Let’s Restore Your Dental Health

At The Carrollton Dentist, we have so many advanced materials at our disposal to make your smile as beautiful and healthy as it can be. Dental crowns, veneers, implants, teeth whitening, bonding, inlays and onlays, and short-term braces are some of the most popular dentistry procedures in and around Carrollton.

Dental Care at The Carrollton Dentist is Convenient and Affordable

Many Dallas residents are surprised to find that most of these procedures are more convenient than they supposed and more affordable than they expected.

Meet Dr. Rodriguez

I’m Dr. Melissa Rodriguez of The Carrollton Dentist and I want to help you love dental visits and love your smile. I’ve practiced dentistry since 2003, and I find it especially rewarding when patients find renewed confidence after a smile makeover.

At my Carrollton practice, we offer dental crowns, porcelain veneers, and Invisalign. If you have any questions, the passionate staff here at The Carrollton Dentist would be happy to answer them and schedule an appointment to see how we can improve your life by improving your dental health.


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