Do You Want To Change The Shape Of Your Gums?

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Most of our patients know we have a lot of ways to improve their teeth, at The Carrollton Dentist. There are treatments to straighten, repair, whiten, and even replace them. But what about your gums? Are you aware of how much your gums affect the look of your smile?

The shape and size of your gumline can make your teeth appear too large or too small, or otherwise out of proportion. A procedure called gum contouring can correct gums that appear too low or too high in relation to the teeth, and design them for the perfect smile.

This procedure is also called gingival sculpting or gum graft surgery, but don’t let the terms frighten you. It is performed with a precision laser and is minimally invasive. There is usually minimal pain, and little to no recovery time.

Gum reshaping can also treat gum recession, a common condition that can lead to decay and tooth loss.

At The Carrollton Dentist we create beautiful smiles with a range of cosmetic dentistry services. We also provide general and family dentistry. Call us to find out what we can do for your smile!

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