Clean Teeth, Happy Mouth

Good dental health means having healthy teeth and gums. Maintaining it is something that you have to work at every day. It can be a real balancing act: using the right oral care products, your personal oral care habits, and seeing us at The Carrollton Dentist twice a year. Your dental health strategy should include: […]

Watch Out For Hidden Sugar

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At The Carrollton Dentist we want every one of our patients to have the best possible dental health. We provide every member of your smily with excellent dental care. Every health-conscious parent knows that sugar is the number one cause of cavities for kids. (It’s not good for adult teeth, either.) Because of cavity risks, […]

Questions To Ask Your Dentist

Questions To Ask Your Carrollton Dentist

Some people research their mechanic or hairdresser more thoroughly than their dentist. Shouldn’t your dental care be far more critical than the condition of your car or the style of your hair? At The Carrollton Dentist, we love to answer questions about all facets of dentistry. For instance, you may have questions about the services […]

What is Patient-Centered Dental Care?

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Here’s a question from The Carrollton Dentist: what is your view of the patient-dentist relationship? Do you consider it one-sided? The dentist examines the patient’s teeth, determines a course of treatment, and performs it – and the patient is a minor participant. It Starts With The Atmosphere At The Carrollton Dentist, we don’t do things […]

5 Ways To Prevent A Cracked Tooth

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Cracked teeth can be painful, unattractive, and costly to repair. This post from the The Carrollton Dentist contains an easy-to-follow list of tips to keep your teeth whole and strong. Don’t chew on hard substances. An easy one, right? Steer clear of ice, hard candies, hard nuts, popcorn, and beef jerky. Also be wary of […]

A Great Achievement in Dentistry

Dental implants have been hailed as one of the truly great advances in the field of dentistry, and with good reason. Implants are an artificial tooth root that is surgically implanted into the jaw of a patient, to replace a missing root. The implant, in turn, can support an artificial tooth; multiple implants can anchor […]

Help! My Crown Came Off!

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In this blog post from The Carrollton Dentist, we take a look at a common dental emergency. You are eating something – maybe chewing an apple – when you hear an odd sound. Then something in your mouth feels wrong. One of your crowns has come off. Chances are, the crown (which cost you hundreds […]