A Ginormous Cavity? Dental Fillings in Carrollton

Carrollton Cosmetic DentistryIf you have a toothache, chances are it’s because of a cavity. Come see us at The Carrollton Dentist. We’ll make sure nothing more serious is going on, and then get down to the business of dental fillings. By cleaning out the decayed area of your affected tooth, and then filling it, we’ll be able to restore the tooth back to its normal function.

There are basically two types of fillings we see: direct, and indirect.

Direct fillings are the simplest, and what we do most often. Once the tooth is prepared, the filling material goes directly into the cavity area. These are usually completed in a single office visit.

Indirect fillings are a little more complicated, and used on larger cavities. We prepare the area by removing all decay, and then take an impression of the area to be restored. You’ll get a temporary filling, and then be on your way.

The dental lab uses the impression to make a restoration that will perfectly fit your tooth. At your next office visit, we’ll remove the temporary filling and cement the permanent one into place.

The Carrollton Dentist provides dental fillings for cavities that are large, small, and ginormous. We also provide general and family dentistry. Schedule a cleaning and checkup today.

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