Teeth Whitening At An Urgent Care Dental Practice?

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At The Carrollton Dentist, we have extended hours for our urgent care patients. But we do more than treat dental emergencies. We provide many cosmetic and general dental services. Let’s talk about one of the least expensive and non-invasive treatments: teeth whitening. Teeth whitening takes away years of stains in one visit. The Carrollton Dentist…

Which Tooth Whitener Works Best?

Dazzling White Teeth in Carrollton

What is the best professional tooth whitening system to use in Carrollton? There are two types of dentist-supervised tooth whitening systems available in Dallas. In order to determine the best choice for your teeth, schedule, and budget; you need to understand the differences in the systems. Both systems use a bleaching agent containing peroxide. Carrollton…

3 Ways To Keep Your Mouth Happy, The Colony!

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Carrollton Teeth Bleaching

Hi. I’m Dr. Melissa Rodriguez, an experienced dentist here in Carrollton. It is my goal to help my patients have optimum oral health, and today I would like to talk about something else associated with our mouths that doesn’t get as much attention as cavities or cosmetic dentistry: it’s our sense of taste.

What Does A Beautiful Smile Say About You?

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What a Beautiful Texas Smile Says About You

It’s not just about looks. According to a recent study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), a healthy and attractive smile makes you appear more intelligent, successful, friendly, and interesting. (See https://www.aacd.com for complete survey results.)

Dallas Wants Silver Screen Smiles

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Dallas Wants Silver Screen Smiles

With the constant media coverage of celebrities, many Carrollton dental patients are interested in having a smile like the stars. With an experienced dentist and the right smile makeover procedures, anyone can have a smile they want to show off.

Dallas Looks For Red Carpet-Caliber Smiles

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When you see pics of your favorite stars, do you ever wonder how these men and women can project such perfection? Can ordinary Dallas folks ever achieve anything approaching celebrity-caliber attractiveness? When it comes to stunning smiles, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” There are many effective cosmetic dentistry procedures available to Carrollton, Farmers Branch, and Plano folks that can produce dramatic results. Complete smile makeovers combine various procedures to transform your smile. These are the same procedures used by cosmetic dentists that serve the Hollywood A list.