It’s Not Too Late To Get Them Straight

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Farmers Beach Invisalign Braces

Are you an adult in Carrollton with misaligned teeth? Do you regret not having orthodontic treatment when you were a teen? It’s not too late to straighten your teeth – and there are more types of braces available than ever before.

Perhaps you are not familiar with the latest types of braces. Here is a quick rundown of the most common types used in Carrollton, Farmers Branch and Plano cosmetic dental practices.

If you don’t want the whole world to know you are wearing braces, ‘behind the teeth’ or lingual braces may be a good option. So-called ‘invisible braces’ work great for many Carrollton men and women of all ages. Some types of braces are offered in ceramic, which are also less visible than metal braces. These are often called ‘clear braces.’

Invisalign is the trade names of a proprietary orthodontic system used in the Texas dental community.

Once the orthodontia patient has completed treatment, he or she needs to wear a retainer to keep those pretty teeth in line. The traditional Hawley retainer consists of a metal wire that surrounds the teeth and holds them in place. The metal wire is attached to a molded acrylic form that fits snugly in either the upper or lower part of the mouth.

Clear retainers are also popular with Dallas orthodontists and their patients. They fit the teeth like a transparent glove without the need for hardware. Some Carrollton patients believe clear retainers are more comfortable than other types.

If you want more beautiful teeth, come into The Carrollton Dentist in Carrollton and discuss your goals with Melissa Rodriguez, DMD. Rodriguez will examine your teeth and recommend the most effective system for you.

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